Monday, March 23, 2009

She Took A Lichen' To Him...

Okay then, here's the whole story...

Alice Algae got lonesome on her own, so she set out to find a partner. She bumped into Freddy Fungus one day, and he seemed like a "fungi" (get it? "fun guy"?). So they started "hanging out" together-- took a "lichen" to each other, you see. It seemed like a good partnership: Alice was the breadwinner, producing food enough for them both; and Freddy was the homemaker, providing the roof over their heads. But you know, sometimes the relationship is "up in the air," sometimes it's "on the rocks."

My fellow interp., Julia, suggested that the lichen above is in the Hypogymnia genus. We're not sure on the exact species... There are a couple that look very similar out here. The discs are the fruiting structures of the fungus (called apothecia).

MountainMama, you were the closest! Woohoo!!

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  1. You are very funny. I bet the kids love you on the mountain-good teacher.