Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Real Staff Meeting

It was a meeting. There were seven of us. Despite some tension in the background (which I knew existed, but I had nothing to do with) everything went well and we actually had quite a few laughs. But still, it was a meeting; I yawned through the second hour.

One exciting thing happened in the meeting. As I'm going out on a trail alone tomorrow, I was given the lesson on using park radios:

Hold the button down, talk.
Let go of the button, listen.

Out of this, I officially have my own call sign for the Mt. Rainier National Park. We're all just numbers (this is the government, after all); I'm 508. Tomorrow I'll be in street clothes, practicing for my first solo hike and program, which is this coming Saturday morning. But at the same time, I'll have my volunteer duties and trail roving to consider when I pass other hikers/snowshoers. I will be there to help people who need me.

508 on the Nisqually Vista trail. All's well.


The Boots saga continues. He must have had an early day today, or have had the day off. I was in the parking lot of my apartment building with my boss, verifying my truck's insurance and registration (my truck gets a park entry pass for the next year, and all of my paperwork has to be checked). He walked out of his apartment, over to his truck and took off. He said Hi to us, but as my boss was rambling on about something, I really couldn't see his boots. ;)

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  1. "Hold the button down, talk.
    Let go of the button, listen.

    That made me LOL!