Friday, March 6, 2009

Just One of Those Days... and An Update on Boots

Today was the type of day where I think I probably would have forgotten to wear my shoes, if it hadn't been for the cold weather outside. My office is a 5-minute walk from my apartment, so forgetting my extra coat this morning was really no big deal. I just ran back and picked up what I needed. Twice. I'd have forgotten everything else too, I'm sure, if my daypack didn't always stay packed with most of my trail necessities.

Fawn and I took a group of seventh graders, their teacher and a few parents up on the mountain today. After some logistic mix-ups (and a few people getting lost on their way TO the park... LOL), we got up to Paradise about 11 a.m. There was 8-10" of fresh powder. Although the park road was plowed, the trail crew had not been up there for the morning yet. So it was our group that broke the trail today. It was slow going, uphill and down. But Fawn and I each had two of the kids that helped us. We took turns leading today, partly because I wrote the program and partly because breaking trail in that much snow can be tiring (especially if you're trying to teach at the same time).

It started off sunny and beautiful - and a bit warm, and then the clouds rolled in. By the end of the hike, it was cold and grey and flurrying. But the kids had a blast. The condition of the snow really helped in the fun - they were able to roll down hills, make snowballs, etc. For kids from Seattle who get more rain than snow, today was a play day - not just a day to learn about winter ecology and survival in the mountains.

And sadly, like everything else today, I forgot to bring my camera along. Doh. The teacher promised to send us copies of her pictures - she must have taken at least 100. I hope she got a picture of me speaking to the group. I need one of those for my reports here. And as I'm usually the one taking the pictures, I have no pictures of myself, unless I'm posed in front of some beautiful view.


An update on Boots: Boots is a man. Uniformed with mirrored sunglasses. As I was getting home from work today, he was getting home, but in his personal vehicle. I was unlocking my front door as he pulled up, so I really didn't get a good look. Not sure, but I'd still bet seasonal law enforcement from the way he carried himself. But he didn't have any gear with him. So who knows?


  1. The mystery continues! Your hike sounds absolutely lovely!! :)

  2. haha! Awesome day, awesome "boots" update!

  3. I am intrigued by the 'boots' saga. Can't wait for the next update. Too bad about the pictures, but I'm sure the teacher has a shot of you doing your thing :).