Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today is Sunday, time for confession.

I exercised for a while and then walked for maybe 35 minutes around Tahoma Woods.

Then I came home and decided I deserved a snack so I at one whole sleeve of Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookies. ~wink~


Boots has walked by several times in the past hour; I still haven't looked out the window.


  1. TeeHee! I exercised more than usual (at least on the bike, mostly was lazy all day) and then made cinnamon rolls. Ate one, wanted another but Derek guilted me into not doing it. Just wait til breakfast... ;)

    I think Boots is trying to get a look at you too. ! ~wink~

  2. I opened the second pack of Thin Mints cookies. I'm so guilty.

  3. I have no willpower when it comes to the whopper eggs this time of year, and the m&ms. Don't ask me how many bags I've eaten (it's not my day of confession) ;)