Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random Thursday

1) Well, I'm back at C-camp for the winter. Today I did a bit of running around, a few errands and lots of moving bags and boxes.

2) I'm not done with the moving of boxes. Some are still across the road in a friend's cabin.

3) I have to finish moving tomorrow or I'll really feel lazy about all of this.

4) What I really want to do tomorrow is take a walk over to the kennels and see the pups and Sylvie for a while.

5) I know you want to see more pictures of Sylvie. I've missed her while working out at Wonder Lake this summer! Pictures will be forth-coming.

6) Speaking of pictures, the WIFI at C-camp seems much faster now than it was last winter. This could be a problem as I attempt to get things done while catching up on shows on Hulu.

7) I really have a lot of things to do and projects to complete. It's going to be a mad knitting factory in this cabin in the coming months.

8) So much yarn, so little time.

9) And now I want to knit myself a Christmas sweater.

10) I'm going to bed before I come up with any more crazy schemes to lengthen my To Do list(s)...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

[Not Quite] Back From The Land Of Crazy

Where have I been the last six (six?!) months?

Lots of places.

We played in the snow with the doggies until late spring.

Then Denali's west district rangers moved to the Toklat road camp.

Then I finally moved to Wonder Lake.

I worked out at Wonder Lake from June through September.

Then I moved back to C-camp in order to get ready for the winter.

(I don't have pictures of this yet, but I'll be in the same cabin as last winter, so look at those pictures. This year, there's more construction equipment and noise, so last year's pictures might be better.)

Then I flew to St. Louis for my brother's wedding.

Right now, I'm sitting in the Starbucks at Lambert Field (STL International Airport) waiting for my flight to Seattle, on my way back to Denali. This trip to St. Louis (STL) has been a whirlwind, with a busy schedule and lots of what can only be described as "stimulus". A bit taxing with sinus problems and allergies.

I'm ready to slow down and settle into the winter routine in C-camp at Denali National Park. Hopefully, I'll regain control of my schedule and endless list of projects that I want to do, and then I'll spend a bit of time playing with the kennels pups. :)