Friday, March 13, 2009

Recap of the Last Couple of Days

Time has flown by. Or maybe I've just slept too much.

Let's see. Thursday I did some miscellaneous tasks at the office and then drove up to Paradise to practice for my upcoming programs. It was a great day to be out on the mountain!

I met a woman and her son, and ended up using them as my 'guinea pig' audience as the son tagged along with me throughout most of the trail. He was a good sport, answering my questions and discussing the concepts that I want to cover in my programs. It was a good day!

On the way back home, I stopped at Longmire for an hour or so and went through the museum, finding facts and writing questions for an upcoming scavenger hunt that Fawn and I want to use as part of a school's field day in June. Actually, we want to have four scavenger hunts available, but I just worked on the first one yesterday.

I got back to the office about 6 p.m., only to find that my assigned program on Saturday had been canceled. The Sierra Club was trying to put together a field trip for kids in their Inner City Outreach (ICO) program. But not enough kids had turned in permission forms, so they had canceled the trip. They were very apologetic; I just was disappointed. Not only was I looking forward to Saturday, but these are the kids we really need to reach in our park! I assured the ICO's program director that I would still love to work with them and their kids if they wanted to put something similar together in the future. Never turn down a kid who wants to play outdoors in one of our magnificent parks!!


Today, I slept in and then went to the office to deal paperwork, mail and logistics. I got to the office to find that my boss (who's been sick most of the past month and missed a lot of work) did about half of the things I'd left for myself to do today. Very nice of her! We talked a bit, made some plans for next week - we have three major off-site events next week, all of which should be fun. We are judging two schools' science fairs and participating in a science exhibition of sorts in Olympia. We are demonstrating volcanoes. Actually, we're blowing up soda bottles, but the analogy works. :)

On Facebook tonight, I found out something that made me sad. Apparently, my little friend Hannah misses me terribly. She won't talk about my leaving or how she misses me with anyone, I guess. She's 10 years old, the middle daughter of my friends Lori and Alan. They are back in Colorado; friends I used to see regularly before I moved to Washington in February. So I've started working on matching stocking caps for Hannah and myself. Using up stash yarns, because I still haven't found my way to a yarn store here in WA, believe it or not! (No hate mail, please! LOL ) And I think I'll give them a call tomorrow and see how she's doing. I'll post pictures of the hats as I get them done.

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  1. What camera do you use? Your pictures are awesome!!!!