Friday, February 5, 2010

Working Weekend

The parking lot, looking east, at Paradise from the cam inside the Jackson Visitor Center.

I'm not sure where the past couple of weeks have gone. Ever feel like you must not have done anything, because you can't remember what you did? I've lead a couple of snowshoe hikes, I've sat through a few boring meetings, and I've eaten the cookies that I made to send to my dad for his post surgery care package.

Yes, I'm a great daughter. I didn't really eat ALL of the cookies.... ;)

It hardly seems like it's been this long, but it's been almost a year since I got to Mount Rainier National Park. I have learned about volcanoes and glaciers. I have learned about Banana Slugs and varied thrushes (which were singing unseasonably early yesterday morning). I've added several species to my mental plant taxonomy chart. How about Rubus spectabilis? Raspberries of any variety are always yummy, and the salmonberries out here were a nice snack!

In the next couple of weeks, I have quite a few projects to finish up - and pack up - before moving to whereever. My internship is over in two weeks, but they've found the resources to keep me until they hire my replacement. I'm still hoping to go to Denali this summer. Two of their job announcements closed today. I'm hoping that I make the list of eligible candidates.

This weekend, I need to:

  • bake replacement cookies for Dad's care package
  • mail Dad's care package before I eat all of those new cookies
  • sort and shred old bills/paperwork
  • take out the trash and recycling
  • pull my yarn stash together and see what can become of it (I've been knitting furiously at night, trying to use up the odds and ends of my stash so I don't have to move it... LOL)
  • write out plans for accomplishing/finishing all of my work projects (trust me, this is easier to do at home, away from the office!)
  • have dinner and sake with Mika, Tom and a few other friends tonight ;)
  • work extra hard tomorrow since I won't have accomplished anything tonight but a full stomach

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  1. I always feel as though I have done nothing because I can't remember what I did....great line!
    Good luck on another summer in Alaska. Keep me posted.