Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday afternoon... still so much to do!

Rumor has it that it's snowing at Paradise...

It's not snowing down here at Park HQ. Sigh. A winter without real winter. El Nino or whatever you choose to call it. The Varied Thrushes were singing earlier this week. Last spring, I remember when I first heard them. It was probably a month later than this. I thought they were car alarms going off way too early in the morning. Now I just think it's a sign that spring is coming - too early. I'm hoping we have some more winter here. We need it.


As for the task list that I put up here on Friday? Well, I have made progress in the yarn department. I have nearly finished a sweater that has been 'in progress' for two years. (Thanks to Ravelry, I actually KNOW that the sweater has been WIP that long... It's embarrassing.) I figured out how to use more of my yarn stash too. Two more skeins have been assigned to projects that will have homes within the next three months.

Cookies. Well, I made more. And they are sitting on my counter. The chocolate ones are good. But the oatmeal have yet to be baked. That will happen tonight. I'll have to get to the post office tomorrow at some point.

I have two more care packages that I want to send out as well. Things that my friends will like (and I have promised to send), and will clear up a bit more of the clutter in my apartment at the same time!

Dinner at Mika and Tom's on Friday was fun. Homemade sushi, miso soup and shrimp. Everything I love. And good conversation with some park folks that I don't always get to talk to. You know, the park archeologist is really interesting. I wish the cultural and social sciences weren't so side-lined around here. There's so much more going on here at Mount Rainier than the bureaucracy lets on to.


So I guess I've gotten some of my work done. But there is still much to do.

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