Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 4 - Progress and another RAK!

Pictured above is the progress thus far on my Ravelympics sweater. I've worked through the bottom 6.5" of the body. Today, I'm hoping to make it to the bust/underarm area. Last night I wrote out the basic pattern for a V-neck sweater. Part of this event challenge is not only designing and knitting the garment, but also writing a complete, publishable pattern for said project. My pattern will include two versions of this sweater: one "by the books" standard V-neck pattern for girls without curves like mine, and the "real" sweater - with alterations for girls who have actual curves, like I do. :)

I did have to put my knitting down for a time to cheer on Apolo on Saturday night. Ah, sport. I love the Olympics.

In other news, I got another RAK package this weekend! Lizzird, a Ravelry friend, sent me a set of U.S. #5 DPNs. :) Can you believe that there are still some needle sizes/styles that I don't have?! Thanks to Lizzird my collection is a little closer to completion! :)

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