Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Knitting Ranger Makes Progress...

The sweater in the picture above is NOT one of my Ravelympics projects. Rather, it's a sweater that I started almost 2 years ago and finished maybe 2 weeks ago. It thick, warm and was easy to knit, once I got over the anxiety of not purchasing enough yarn the first time. Thankfully, Seattle has yarn stores. I like the sweater. It's warm enough to wear here in the winter - and big enough that I can get 2 layers of long underwear on underneath. :)

The little socks ARE one of my Ravelympics projects. And they are done! Woohoo! (The pattern will be available next month.) For this grand accomplishment, Ravelry links my page to this award:

Who ever said Knitting wasn't cool?! ;)

And last night, Mika hosted a girls' night Bunko party. 16 women eating lots of food, drinking a few beers, and playing a game that slightly resembles Yahtzee. Oh, and screaming every time they got a good score. It was fun. I donated a hand-knit hat as a door prize, which was won by my friend Jill. (For Ravelers, it's the Alaska Cable Knit Stocking Cap II - Bulky project.)

Now on to the sad news, my beautiful sweater that's my main Ravelympics project has had a set back. I started in on the shaping for the bust and decided I didn't like it. So I'm now ripping back 2" tonight and starting that section over. Can I get this done (and pattern written) by Friday?

Wish me luck! And wish Apolo luck. He skates again tonight. ;)

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