Wednesday, February 17, 2010

At least the van is ok...

Amidst other things today, I took the office van to the shop to have the spare tire fixed and remounted. I'm not sure when the mounting broke, but we need the room inside the van for snowshoes; the tire must go back to its correct location.

After looking at the van for less than a minute, the mechanic at the park's shop said nothing was actually broken; he could have it all fixed in less than 30 minutes. And so he did.

Meanwhile, everything else today seems to be going south. I woke up late. I slammed my finger in a drawer this morning. While working at the Longmire Museum, I had 3 men come in, rather impatiently, wanting climbing permits. Since the museum is not my normal duty station (and no one showed me where anything is), the process of getting their permits, registering their climb and routes, and reserving their spaces at Camp Muir (base camp on this side of the mountain) took a bit longer than it should have taken. I had to call a coworker to ask for help; he's now upset with me and will be telling tales of my ineptitude for months to come. Oh, the permits and registration all worked out in the end and everything was done correctly (and by myself, thank you very much), but this coworker will continue to pass judgement.

At least Lindsey Vonn got a gold medal at Vancouver today. And tonight, I will be knitting, having a drink and watching Shaun and Apolo do their things.

And I will forget this day ever happened. Until Mike gripes about it (again) to me.

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