Friday, March 26, 2010

Timing is Everything.

I really wanted to share with you all a pair of my current socks that are OTN. I don't usually work with yarns that have a lot of cotton in them, but this yarn was a gift - and a beautiful bright blue. I found a pattern that fit it and it's kept me busy the past few nights.

Alas, park terminal servers being what they are, I can't get my machine to load pictures from a thumb drive. So the pictures of my beautiful blue in-progress socks are going to have to wait.

This weekend, I'm babysitting the doggies again. I've been told that Ivar has an owie on his paw and will get to sleep inside to stay dry. Ivar is the 90-lb. husky that is the size of a small horse. But he will feel very special. :)


Besides the general ramblings above, what really is on my mind? Jobs. Duh.

Today is supposed to be my day off. But I went in to pick up my reimbursement check and read my email.

And the east district ranger here, Christine (whose kitty I took of last week), asked if I was interrested in staying here at Rainier for the summer. She's made it through her hiring cert, through all of the vets at that out-scored me (veterans get extra points - and offered jobs first, which many decline) and if I was interested, she'd offer me one of the east district interp positions.

So. The decision was basically made for me. Fawn is going to turn my internship to a regular GS5 position as of next Monday (3/29). Fawn's seasonal (a vet) took the original job offer and then rejected it a few days later, so Fawn was stuck (once again) without a replacement for me. I will continue to work out of this office until the end of May, to help her out at a time when short-staffing is a serious problem. June 1, I will transfer duty stations to the East District and Ohanapecosh. I will be working with Rangers Tom and Bev over there. And rumor has it that Ranger Julia will be asked back to the GS7 position at Sunrise - or so we're all hoping. :) The team is shaping up. And I'll be picking raspberries, blueberries and chanterelles again this summer and fall. :)

Whew. Timing really is everything.

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