Thursday, March 25, 2010

Job Hunt Update

It can be said that National Park rangers migrate more than the animals we protect in our parks. My internship is complete here at Rainier, and I'm volunteering until:

1) My replacements are trained, and
2) I figure out where I'm going next.

So where am I going next? Good questions. Here's the stats so far. I have interviewed so far for positions at:
  • Yosemite NP
  • Katmai NP

I have interviews in the next week for:

  • Great Basin NP
  • Grand Canyon NP
  • Western Arctic NP (region served by office in Kotzebue - Noatak, Kobuk Valley, etc.) - 2 positions
  • Curecanti NRA
  • Sequoia & Kings Canyon NPs - 2 positions

Yesterday, I was offered the campground ranger job at Yosemite. I accepted the offer, pending my other interviews. I also have to go through a second federal background check for the Yosemite job since I would be handling lots of $$$. So that will take a few weeks most likely. In the mean time, I'm going to see what the other parks offer me. The Yosemite job is a GS4, which is a grade lower than Katmai, Great Basin and Grand Canyon, and three grades lower than Sequoia-Kings Canyon. Plus it's not really interp, which is what I really want (all the other jobs are interp-related).

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