Monday, March 8, 2010

A New Week

It's Monday again. Time to fire up the old Mr. Coffee at the office and get back to it.


The weather is intriguing today. We have a partly cloudy, partly sunny day today. The clouds are big and puffy here at HQ. The sunlight is lighting the trees beautifully.

What's so unusual then?

It's snowing.

Yes, it is snowing. So heavily, in fact, that it looks a bit fuzzy outside. Or if I was watching an old black-and-white movie, it would be the fuzz/interferrence on the TV screen. Interesting effect with the sunshine.

Of course, it's not sticking at all - merely making the roads wet - because it's well above freezing today. And Paradise isn't getting too much of this snow. Check the parking lot webcam:

I hope this is a sign of an interesting week ahead...


  1. And now it's hailing. Go figure.

  2. I just discovered your blog via Ravelry, and have signed up to follow. It's great! your life is so different from mine, that I plan to read avidly.

    So please write a lot.....