Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Thoughts From When Life Gets Carried Away

It's been a long week. Really 10 days. And the MSLC is the happening place to be this week. I really haven't had any quiet time to think, much less work on my actual projects at work.

1) Winterfest 2011 is over. Whew. Lots of people and kids running around this weekend. But Winterfest was overshadowed by two big storms that moved through, dumping 2'6" of snow in about 5 days. Blowing winds and bad wind chills kept the Winterfest numbers down a bit, but all events were enjoyed and received good feedback.

2) We still have a 6-foot-tall block of ice out in front of the MSLC. It's a big block, meant to be carved into a sculpture. However, due to the storms, the sculptor couldn't get himself and his gear down here from Fairbanks. So we're calling this ice block "Cubism". That's our sculpture.

3) I just had a few men in the MSLC who stopped on their drive between Anchorage and Fairbanks. They looked at the fossil display for a moment and then asked if we allowed subsistence dinosaur hunting. Take as many as you want! (Funny. Very funny.)

4) There is both an EMT class and a superintendent's budget meeting going on here yesterday and today. I have gotten NOTHING done in the office, even though actual visitor numbers are low. The folks in the budget meeting are, for the most part, not in very good moods. I think I'm glad they lock themselves in the classroom for this meeting. Just don't kill the messenger (me) if I ask you to move your car or donate for the coffee you drank. You can't double park or park behind others' cars in the lot just because you were late for your meeting. And we buy our own coffee around here. ;)

5) Because of the never-ending line of park leadership, EMT students and park visitors, I've had some very odd questions - and the expectation that I will know the schedule of every park employee. I've decided that I must be the Magic 8 Ball Ranger: shake me enough times and you'll get some sort of answer. Though you may have to shake multiple times to get the answer you want.

5) Yesterday, the park made me a job offer for this coming summer season. It looks like I'll be working up here at Denali this summer, instead of going back to Mount Rainier. I'm really looking forward to this summer. I'm not sure what district I'll be in or where I'll be stationed - but I think I'm hoping for Kantishna / Wonder Lake. It's amazing out there!

6) I've gone to bed by 10 p.m. the past few nights. This is early for me. I must be tired.

7) Ok, I know I'm tired. I really want to take a nap right now. But I won't be home for another hour at least.

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