Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Little Friend

Those of you who have seen my pictures on Facebook know of my little friend from this winter. Her name is Sylvie, and she's roughly six months old....

She came to Denali from a kennel in the town of Eagle (which I actually visited in 2007, interestingly enough), near the U.S.-Canada border. She was six weeks old at that time in early November. You see, Denali's kennel is a working kennel. However, the litter of pups born last season was all males. The kennels manager saw a need to bring in a new female and Sylvie got the job. :) Back when she was still small enough for me to lift with one hand, she posed for a Flat Stanley picture with me:

Since then, we have bonded. She is my little kennel friend. We have walked together several times.

She loves to do the Puppy Pounce in the snow, and usually comes up looking like this:

Every time I visit the kennels nowadays, she gets a hug:

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