Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's Been A Few Weeks...

Things are good. The days are getting longer. The animals are becoming more active. I'm finding myself with lots of projects around the cabin - things I want to do for me.

#1) I have seeds to grow two kinds of green beans, two kinds of peppers, spinach and cucumbers. I want to have veggies this summer. The challenge? Keeping the moose out.

#2) I have started to work on two new pairs of pajama pants. Mom gave me the flannel and notions during the winter, and my cabin finally has great light again to work after I get done at the MSLC each day.

#3) I'm getting pairs of my fingerless gloves knit up in the hopes of selling them at a friend's shop in Glitter Gulch this summer. Extra pocket money never hurts.

#4) I've lost 3.4 pounds. I'm hoping I can keep up this trend; my goal on this front is a much greater loss. ;)


Spring is well on its way for most of the United States. Here in Alaska, we still have at least another month of winter. But I did see a woodpecker yesterday while out on my walk after work. It was a refreshing sight!

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  1. I want to see a photo of a moose in a garden! :) Just not yours...