Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snow and Foxes

Yesterday, Ranger Emily took pictures of me while out on the trail with some middle schoolers. The weather was less than great. It rained - poured, actually - all morning here at headquarters and up on the mountain it was snowing, blowing and cold. Conditions which, in part, led to a search and rescue operation for the park, rescuing two Canadian climbers who lost their way and fell into a crevasse. Thankfully, our climbing rangers and local guide services employ rather courageous (in my opinion; some might call them "crazy") and skilled mountaineers that rescued the two stranded climbers and brought them safely down the mountain.

But back at Paradise, Emily and I were out with some middle schoolers, snowshoeing, learning about winter on the mountain, and watching fox tracks. Here we are, listening like foxes with our big ears:

And look! Who should join us but Mr. Cascade Fox himself!

Emily and I are back at it today on the mountain with another group of sixth graders today.

Tomorrow I'm staying warm and dry in the office. I've decided to be a wimpy ranger for the rest of the week. ;)

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