Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To-Do List

I make lists endlessly. Sometimes I actually get through half of the things I note that I must do. That's a good day. But I'm going to try to be better. Will someone please hold me accountable?! The following are not in priority order, as about half of them will get done tomorrow either way.

  1. get up early enough to not rush around in the morning
  2. breakfast AT HOME, including vitamins
  3. clean off desk in office
  4. pick up boxes of junk (“paperwork”) from former supervisor’s office at Longmire (there is someone waiting to move into that office)
  5. pick up office supplies at park warehouse
  6. park-wide safety meeting
  7. Spudfest lunch (I’m going to enjoy watching the Law Enforcement Rangers make me a baked potato for lunch)
  8. highlight the important parts of the paperwork I’ve sorted so far for Division Chief
  9. walk after work with coworker for exercise
  10. look for more chanterelles on the way home from the office
  11. use up excess sourdough starter: bread and pancakes
  12. bake bagels*
  13. Knitting projects that need progress:

  • doggie sweaters

  • brown socks

  • Christmas dishcloths

  • silk lace scarf

*At some point next week, I get to contribute to snacks at HQ. Mini bagels and cream cheese are my choice, as I don't have to go to the store between now and then. I've got the ingredients at home and the weather is supposed to be lousy this weekend.

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