Saturday, October 24, 2009


As I write this, I'm sitting on the porch at Whittaker's Bunkhouse in Ashford. This is the home of the coffee shop that I usually steal WIFI from, while drinking a coffee (not stolen). However, it is closed right now. But they told me I could just sit on the porch and use the WIFI, since the hotel part is actually open.

So I've got this great view today. Big-leaf maples that are bright yellow, dropping leaves on the lawn while the sun pokes between high, patchy clouds. There actually is some blue sky today too. A perfect fall afternoon. It's beautiful. I wish my camera could capture this scene. (Is the skill in the camera or the photographer? In my case, the former.)

I've been reading blogs during my down times at work (this is our slow season). Between The Twisted Road of Life, MountainMama, and Throwback at Trapper Creek, I've been inspired by people's stories and actions.

Here at a National Park, I'm often surrounded by awe-inspiring scenery. Within the National Park Service, we care for America's stories. All inspiring in different ways. I have so many thoughts on this. Hopefully, this week, I'll get a chance to put pen to paper and write out some of my thoughts.

True to what Mountain Mama said in her blog on Friday, if she is planning on 'paying it forward', if anyone wants to post a little story (in the comments section of this post) about how they've been inspired by an experience in a National Park, I'll get them a little goodie from the park. :)

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  1. How have I been inspired by a National Park? Wow--let me count the ways!
    I'll use my most recent experience, in Gates of the Arctic NP&P, when a ranger and I sat silently for what felt like hours, just observing the migrating caribou in their natural environment. Watching animals, be they wild or domesticated, always brings me joy. But to see these creatures, so peaceful and was really special. They had little to no fear of us...we were as alien to them as they to us. But it was proof that we can all co-exist in a peaceful and trusting way.