Friday, October 2, 2009

Busy Week; Weekend with the "Kids"

We've had some very full days this week here in the Ed office. Monday was an office day, 54 8th graders on Tuesday (+parents and teachers), and 52 8th graders on Wednesday (+parents and teachers). Yesterday afternoon/evening was spent driving to Tacoma, talking to teachers at Educators' Night At The Museum [of Glass, which is cool - I love watching glass-blowing!], and driving back to Rainier. We are awaiting 2 classes of 8th-9th graders right now; we'll be discussing the subalpine ecosystems with them at Paradise and then (I think) helping them collect water samples from the Nisqually River near Longmire.

Tomorrow, I'm sleeping all day.

Not quite.

This weekend I'm house- and dog-sitting again for the Wysong Kids. 9 Alaskan Huskies. Beautiful animals! Last night, fairly late, an elk budgled for maybe 3-4 seconds, and that sent the dogs to howling. It was quite the concert.

The clouds are hanging low over the Nisqually River and valley this morning, but driving in I saw signs that it's clear and sunny up higher. I'm hoping for nice weather today!

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