Friday, September 25, 2009

Update for the Week...

The last half of this week has flown by! Last night, my roommate moved out. Heather was only seasonally here, working for the Natural & Cultural Resources Division. Her last day of work was yesterday, and now she has a week off. Then she's headed to Yosemite for a 5-month project.

Yosemite is one park that I haven't been to yet. Yet. Someday I'll get to see those monoliths.

Meanwhile, I was out hiking the Skyline trail from Paradise with a couple of classes of fourth and fifth graders the past two days. It's almost nice to sit here in the quiet office for a few minutes! Today will be a short day in the office; tomorrow morning I'm going to a workshop all about the mushrooms and fungi found in the park. It should be interesting; I'm hoping to come home with something yummy to eat, too. :)

Next week I have a few programs to give and then next weekend I'm house- and dog-sitting for the sled dog team again. I love those dogs!

It seems like I have very little of any substance to write about lately. I think my mind is in 1000 directions at once and I can't really focus on any one thing.

But maybe now that I have my apartment all to my quiet self again, I'll get back to reading and thinking more. ;)

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