Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Little RAK

Some people tell me how lucky I am to be living on the doorstep of a great National Park. The scenery is stunning (when clouds aren't obscuring the peaks ;) ), but in some ways, I am a bit cut off from the main world. I won't go into the details; some of it I've already mentioned elsewhere.

But last night, I got a little care package from one of my fellow Ravelers ( Through one of the groups I belong to on that site, I particpate in a Random Acts of Kindness movement. Yeah, I like to think of it as a movement - cheering friends near and far, spreading kindness and generosity. A couple of weeks ago, I sent out postcards to everyone that had listed "real mail instead of bills!" on their wish lists. Postcards from a National Park always do the trick. ;)

Back to last night. I got home from work, opened the mail box, and found stuffed inside a bulging envelope. A new skein of yarn - a wool that I use for everything! - and my favorite brand of tea - in flavors I'd not tried. It made my whole night. :) Thanks Mary!!!!!

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