Saturday, May 9, 2009

What to write about?

I haven't had much motivation to write anything lately. We work in a beautiful area, and spring is finally taking hold. The tulips were blooming in the garden next to the post office in Elbe this morning. Cherry trees and dogwoods are blooming as I sit here in Seattle, taking a lunch break while doing my grocery/shopping trip for the month.

I love snow and cold weather, but I'm so happy to see the 'little flower things'. And warmer weather is very welcome!

The next 4 weeks or so will be very busy for our office, we have a minimum of 3-5 classes visiting us each week and we'll be hosting two school groups of about 120 students in early June. Then the summer hits and, unlike with the rest of the programs in the park, our slow season hits. I'm hoping to pick up some training and hours with the rest of the interp staff at the various visitor centers and other areas of the park.

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