Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back on Snowshoes

After almost three weeks of meetings, office work and a bit of office tension, I got back out on the ol' MSRs and hit the trail from Paradise. Friday, since the last trek had been a while ago, I went out to check snowpack and trail conditions. At this time of year, this is important! We check to see if there are any unstable areas (i.e. around tree wells or previously solid cornices) and mark the path that is most stable and easy to travel on. We hadn't had much snow lately; the snowpack was measured at about 13.5 feet on Friday, down from 16.5 feet that I saw the last time. Most of it was fairly solid and very easy to travel on! I made the whole trail, with some side trail testing (to see about shortcuts and alternate trailheads) in about 2 hours. I was set for my group on Saturday.

Yesterday, I was joined by a group of teachers from the Bellevue area. None of them had ever been on snowshoes before. We had a great hike! The weather wasn't nearly as cooperative as on Friday - which was a beautiful day on the mountain! - but everyone was set for cold weather and light snow. I was tired at the end, but energized at the same time, since it was a fun hike to lead. I'd love to have these teachers back next year!

At one point, they were joking about writing Mad Libs stories of their adventure. You know what? I think I'm going to steal that idea and use it for our future Flat Stanley mailings. ;)


I have pictures from Friday's hike. They are great. I'll post a few tomorrow or Tuesday. I didn't take any pictures yesterday (Saturday), although the group promised to send me a few of the good ones they took.

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