Saturday, December 24, 2011

Festivus: Airing of Grievances

This was supposed to happen last night. I'm always a day late and a dollar short. (How's that for a disappointment?!)

Seriously, thanks to my friend Bill and his tribute to a semi-famed (at least in our circle of friends!) co-worker Juan, I've been thinking about finding the good in the bad.

The one 'bad' that most people ask me about?

"How can you stand the cold and dark up there?"

First of all, it's NOT always dark up here. Erase that stereotype from your minds! Honestly, the short days and cold temperatures don't bother me THAT much. On my weekends, I do get out for walks, the pink hues on the mountains at twilight are beautiful, and, as long as I bundle up properly, I don't get too cold.

Hopefully, that topic is killed. I get that question the most, and I want to break that stereotype forever.

As for my real grievances? And can I find good in the subjects of such grievances?

I'm constantly disappointed in the younger people in our society. Attitudes of entitlement, not taking their jobs seriously (especially those who are lucky enough to have employ), not working to their full potential, laziness, and apathy all make me want to scream.

I'm one of those archaic idealistic workaholics who believes in several causes. And for those causes, I will work very hard. More and more, I find myself alone in that effort. Yet I know there are people out there who believe as me: I have a friend (she's about 5 years older than me) who gave up her citizenship in her home nation across the ocean to live in America and support a cause over here in the U.S. And I admire her very much. But I don't see that kind of spirit very often. I try to hold on tight to people like that.

Another grievance? The judgemental hypocrites who tell me I'm wrong, or stupid, or missing the point somehow. I get judged very harshly, yet I know for a fact that I hold my tongue in some situations more than I ought. Some poeple may think they know my real opinions, but in fact, they don't. If they only knew what I was really thinking, they'd probably never speak to me again.

Thankfully, I do have some very good examples to follow here too. I have some very wise friends who have taught me a lot about patience, thoughtfulness and tolerance. Tolerance without lowering your own personal standards.


Ok, so this wasn't remotely about Christmas, but my friend Bill gave me some good things to think about this morning. Even if he didn't know he did so. :) Thanks Bill!



  1. Merry (Belated) Christmas Jen. Hope you have a very Happy New Year in the land I love.