Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random Thursday

1) Today is Thursday, but it's really my Friday, since I have Friday and Saturday off this week.

2) I did something to my left ankle last weekend. It is sore. Not sharp pain, but more like a bad muscle strain/sprain.

3) I might not go snowshoeing this weekend because of said ankle.

4) It's snowing outside, and I'd like to go play in it.

5) I can't go play because I'm at work. And slightly bored today.

6) I don't really think it's boredom. I'm just really tired. I don't know why I'm tired. I got sleep last night.

7) I REALLY want to eat an English muffin with Nutella right now.

8) I still have to finish up the last pair of gloves on order (purchaser was NOT at knit night last night).

9) The salmon-cream cheese spread I have is really yummy.

10) I'm hoping this has woken me up a bit so I can get back to my real work. ;)


I hope everyone is having a good week!!!

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