Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

It has hit me like a brick wall yesterday and today: we are busier here at the Ed program than I expected we'd be.

We are still snowshoeing. After the new 12+" of snow at Paradise this week, I believe we'll still be snowshoeing with students through mid-June.

We have a variety of programs coming up in the next month, including several visits to schools. This means writing a few new programs. Next week, we will be working with the same students two different days; the first day will be a visit to their school to introduce the park, discuss history and park foundation, etc., and then the next day, those students will be coming here for a snowshoe hike. I'm the lead ranger on this adventure, and I think I've changed my in-school (park history-focused) program about 6 times now.

I've also taken on a small project for my office days: compiling visitor use statistics on the schools that participate in our programs (both in the park and schools we visit). My previous boss either didn't keep such records or didn't leave them here for us when she left last October. However, we really need these types of data and records. (Why did Anne not do this? I'm NOT going to open THAT can of worms.) So Fawn and I are researching, I'm building Excel spreadsheets full of data, and eventually, we will be able to formally report to the superintendent's office and our park non-profit partners about our audience, potential visitors, etc.

The weather here is a bit disappointing this spring. The flowers here at lower elevations are coming out. But winter is still holding on, complete with snow, rain and grey, cloudy skies. I'm ready for sun, warm weather and wildflowers in the subalpine meadows.

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