Friday, January 29, 2010

It's that time again...

The U.S. Olympic Team is heading to Vancouver soon. And I don't have a TV with which to follow all of the action.

Some people will be glued to the Superbowl next weekend. (Ok, seriously. Football was invented to give marching bands another place to practice.) I think the Colts are playing the Saints. I think the local NPR station did a commentary on the money people spent in terms of ticket sales on the league - which is considering striking in 2011?! Does anyone really care?! Professional athletes that don't make enough money? That's about as ridiculous as someone trying to convince me that most of our North American glaciers aren't receding.

But give me a sunny winter day, a hillside full of snow and people doing aerial summersaults on snowboards, and I'm there.

Mind you, I can't actually do those summersaults myself (at least not on purpose), but I sure like to watch them.

So the snowboard team has been announced; the U.S. has multiple medals to defend and should show strong.

Go Shaun!!!


I like to watch the skiing too, but Bode Miller usually puts a damper on those downhill events... Even when he does well.

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