Sunday, December 13, 2009

Distraction is coming...

Sometimes, we get sidelined by pressing issues like health concerns. They draw our attention away from daily routines, work assignments, social engagements and the like. I just went through this last month.

But as I sit here now, I foresee another potential distraction coming on. This time I know 'it' could be a distraction. It could draw my mind away from things that need to be done.

And I suppose that some distractions can be good, especially when you're mired in a tough situation and you need a break. Whether it be fate, or karma, or whatever, sometimes you just kind of look at life's happenings and think to yourself, "Huh. What is THIS about?"

Thankfully, I think I'm healthy at the moment. Tomorrow afternoon will be my first 'big' snowshoe hike since October (before the surgery). And we're getting a lot of snow (finally!) out here at Mount Rainier. So the snowshoeing should be good. I'm ready to see how my body feels after a couple of miles on the trails.

And I have a couple of weeks of JVC desk & programming duties coming up over the holidays. I'm looking forward to these! Last night at our division's Christmas party, Ranger Rebecca and I planned the food to bring for Christmas dinner at the JVC. Ranger Curt brought Thanksgiving dinner for us, so this holiday, we're bringing dinner for him. I really enjoy working with the two of them. We all make a good team.

But still, there is a distraction hanging over me.

My family should be glad I finished most of the gift knitting and mailed off their Christmas presents yesterday. I fear that nothing else will get done in the near future.

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