Friday, December 3, 2010

Getting Old(er)

I have a friend, a childhood classmate, who was recently mentioning that she's got grey hairs popping out all over and vision that is going down hill. And then she kindly reminds me that I'll always be older than her. (This is only by about 4 months, but who's counting?)

I have another friend who likes to tell me I'm old - and he's only 13 days younger than me.

What is it with people and age?

Tomorrow is my birthday. I think I found a grey hair a year or so ago, but really, the hairs that surprise me are DARK RED. Huh? Like everything else in my life, my hair doesn't do the average thing. Time says to turn grey; my hair turns red.

People supposedly settle down as they age. I move to Alaska. In the middle of winter.

Some people reflect on where they are in life - or where they are not.

I just look at my To-Do list and think, "($*&! How am I going to get all of this done?"

My Sunrise teammates this past summer teased me about being the Project Person. If there was a project to be done, give it to Jen! If it involved spreadsheets or statistics, give it to Jen!

Don't mistake "project" with "chore". I'll clean bathrooms only when someone points a gun to my head. My bed hasn't been made since I was eight years old.

Mostly my love of those little 'projects' stems from my natural curiosity. I like making things and I like learning. Consider those traits as a springboard into action over a broad range of things that spark my imagination and curiosity. I think both of those - imagination and curiosity - have grown as I've aged. And I happen to think this is a good thing.


I think a couple of my coworkers are going to take me out for dinner. "Out" around here? I believe that involves the 11-mile drive to Healy. I'm curious.

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