Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything...

Let's see... Yet another week has escaped my grip.

1) We have been hosting a workshop this week, teaching middle and high school teachers about volcanoes, geology and the USGS/NPS sites around here dealing with volcanoes and geology. I haven't been keeping up with email, mail or anything else because of this.

2) I'm house- and dog-sitting again this weekend for those adorable 75-lb. huskies. I love those dogs. I'm hoping to get a bit of quiet time away from the park just to knit, sleep, do (free) laundry and play with the doggies.

3) Next week, my young friend Hannah flies in for a visit. No visiting grandparents this summer. She's visiting me. :)

4) My truck officially has a problem... We think an oxygen sensor is dead. Thankfully, the truck doesn't need to get inspected to renew the tags this year. Therefore, this doesn't need to get fixed in the immediate future. And I don't have to drive it every day. Not every day, that is, except for the next two weeks - in which case, I'll need it every day. Argh. I have such great timing!

5) I got an email today from my former roommate from the cabin in Fairbanks. She'll be in WA next month and wants to get together. How fun! Hopefully, I'll still have a vehicle by then...\


I have like 3 other blog posts that I'd like to get up. We'll see if I can get them up this weekend. I'm hopeful (but don't hold me to it).

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