Friday, June 12, 2009

Hikes out of Ohanapecosh

Two big fir snags in Grove of the Patriarchs. This little ~1 mile hike takes you to a nice old-growth stand in the southeast corner of the park. Don't ask if it's really "old growth" or "ancient" - we interpreters debated the names for like 15 minutes the other day. Either way, the area is worth seeing! The trees are HUGE.

These little Calypso orchids were about 100 yards from the Ohanapecosh visitor center. Beauty is everywhere! These little flowers are only about 1" tall, on a 3" stalk: you need to look close to see them!

Silver Falls. Round trip, you'll probably hike about 2.5 miles. The forests are nice, the bridge over the river is interesting. Can you hike I-beams in a log? Our trail crew did!


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